Crowd City Mod Apk | V 1.3.9 |Unlocked Skins, No Ads.

Crowd City Mod Apk

Whoever makes the biggest crowd city they wins.

Like Its title, the city you reside in is a crowded, bustling city and a great deal of individuals are moving. All are busy with their own work. Your job is leading a group of individuals, run and invite all to join by coming near them for a time period.

In a game, you and 9 other players collectively lead a group of individuals (distinguished by different colours ). Each game lasts two minutes, and time, the team with larger amounts will triumph. People have white colour are on the street that aren’t drawn by any groups, which means you need to begin by attracting these people rather than attacking other groups.

Wait! Can I say attack? Attacking in Crowd City Mod wasn’t a fight or anything violent. You’re able to attract members of different teams by approaching them. However, it is possible to”steal” some of the members if you’re skilfully moving, but I do not think this is a fantastic idea.

Simple control

The Voodoo games are easy and frequently minimalist in their own way of commanding, Crowd City is no exception. Simple to play, easy and addictive are what players frequently say about their sport. In this game, you only need to control the direction of the audience in a smart way to attract as many people as you can. If other players are faster, they’ll bring in people on the road so that you can’t grow your crowd.

The Very best way to steal all of the members of different groups would be to corner them so that they are not likely to escape. Bear in mind that if you have more troops, then you’re the undefeated champion.

Crowd City Mod Apk


Players In crowd city mod apk come from all around the world. Each time you conquer all the other players and won top 1, you’ll find a great deal of stars. That celebrity to purchase more people when you begin the game. The bigger the amount of individuals, the more advantage you have over the competition.

Simple graphics

Cities Scenes such as trees, houses are rather similar to reality. However, humans in the sport are the opposite. You can see everybody is designed the same, just different in colour. Furthermore, the audio also helps to make the game more fun.


Recreation game with innovative and enjoyable gameplay. Each match lasts just 2 minutes, so you can play with Keep in Mind that your device needs to be linked to The world wide web to be certain it works.

What This Crowd City Mod Apk Brings You?

Unlimited Time In Crowd City Mod Apk

Unlocked All Skins You Want.

No Advertisements In Crowd City Mod Apk.

Enjoy The game without any hesitation.

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Giuseppe Russell
Rating : 4/5
Great. I really like this Crowd City Mod Apk. I recommend it especially when your waiting for bloody public transport. To the producers. It’s a single game and glitches some of the time. You should add more games choices and more ideas and detail to this Crowd City Game Mods.
Rebecca Weatherman
Rating : 4/5
I’m addicted to this Crowd City  Mod Apk game because it’s so easy and fun to play. However, I do wish that it offered more. More maps, more difficulties, more skins. It would be fun if there was an infinity mode where you ran until you captured everyone else or until you reached a high score cap instead of being permanently restricted by a 2 minute timer. I would even pay for an extended version of this app that offered more things like what I’ve mentioned here. But, I still love the game’s simplistic design!
Mritunjay Kumar
Rating : 3.5/5
This is a good Crowd City Unlocked game but it lags very much.. if developers can fix the lagging issue it would be much better. One more thing I you can increase the time or if time will be removed it will be more enjoyable. Please fix these issues as soon as possible. On a very first time I thought the game lags due to low memory in my phone, so I removed lots of videos and images in order to clear the space but it still lagging 😠
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